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The online assessment determines whether you have the skillset required to work as a freelance translator with You will undergo a preselection process comprising the following components:
- an English language test
- a source language test
- a translation test from the source language into English

You will be informed at the end of each test whether you have been successful and can proceed further in the selection procedure. If you complete all the tests successfully, you will be sent an email containing more information on the next steps of the assessment procedure.

Your two points of contact throughout the assessment period are:
- Recruitment Team at
- Harver

You can contact the Recruitment Team with questions about the assessment process, e.g. the language tests. For technical support please contact Harver Support.
The Freelancing Recruitment Team will contact you via Harver with your assessment results.

  • Are you experiencing a technical issue? Please contact Harver support (English only)

  • [email protected] Click here for a list of local phone numbers
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